Homebase Crew

Togehter we get the things done. We are working in our team with our vision of creating new living spaces. Here you can meet our creative crew members:


ENFJ / Stretchzone wanderer / Passionate Biker / Amani Social Innovation Fellow / Business Psychologist / Human-centered Design Believer / Vipassana Student

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth – We all are CREW.” – Marshall McLuhan

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Hannes HANNES DVORSCHAK HomeBase Apartments Köln Crew Member

ENFP/ Sports Addict /  Social Media Consultant / Coincidence Creator / Actor / HipHop Lover / Brainstorm Hero

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Caro Melone_rund_small


Minimalist / Aesthete / Gardener / Food Addict / Waste Reducer / Yoga Student / Sourdough-Fan

Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”  – Epictetus


Fabian Junker



Perfectionist / Autodidact / Soon-to-be Architecture Student / WordPress Guru /





Valentin DvorschakValentin

Self-taught Explorer / Passionate Photographer / Research Guru / South-East Asia Backpacker

“Expand the box!”