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Here you can learn more about our HomeBase team: Who we are & what drives us. Get to know our amazing CREW members and dive deeper into what really makes us tick.

HomeBase Team: Bringing Everyone Closer —“What we really want to do at the core is to connect people on different levels. We want to connect people more within themselves and help them align their lives to their strengths and purpose, and to connect them to other people and nature as well. We think that this will benefit them and it will make them happier, and we found that we can do this by creating spaces — be it the apartment where they live in, or the place where they work (the future co-working space). We are very conscious of the projects we take on; we are mindful whether they match our core values, if they are sustainable and of good quality. Really the business model is just a tool, something that helps us get to our vision. But ultimately, the driving force is the vision and the values.” – Lisa.

HomeBase team loves to surround ourselves with different cultures and meet people from all over the world and bring them closer together. Our lovely guests are our friends, we like to think of everyone in HomeBase as a community in which all can share all individual’s ideas, experiences, and knowledge. Therefore, we are welcoming you personally and providing you with some insider tips comes naturally for us.  And of course, we’re always accessible for your questions & wishes during your stay as we want you to really feel at home here in Cologne!

HomeBase Team

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