Cologne Area

What to do in Cologne?

Are you traveling to the Cologne area? Cologne (“Köln” in German) is one of the oldest cities in Germany with 2,000 years of history; a cathedral which spires over the towers in the city, with its innumerable cultural and historical treasures and world-famous museums and the active art scene.

Besides the cultural monuments from the Roman Empire, Cologne is the HomeBase to one of Europe’s oldest universities, possessing the cool culture of Berlin, but smaller and without the hoards of weekend tourists.

Here are our favorites in terms of sightseeing, shopping, food, nightlife and neighborhoods in Cologne.


2,000 years of Cologne’s history – or better the chocolate museum?

Cologne CathedralIf you have been bitten by the travel bug and you are looking to inject more adventure into your life by getting immersed in a different culture and history, while you try new things and indulge in great food, beer, and fun activities, then Cologne in Germany is the place to be. So get your travel gear ready and your camera in hand and get ready to be amazed and inspired. This adventure will..more>>


Parfum 4711 Cologne Center

The main shopping streets are between the cathedral and the neumarkt. If you are prefer the smaller boutiques just look in the Belgian quarter or …more>>




Be surprised with the incredible food variety

Gafel Kölsch Bier für Gäste von HomeBase Apartments

If you’re an absolute foodie and have to check out Cologne’s hippest places, you need the perfect restaurant for your business..more>>



A young and colorful night out

Deutz Cologne

The biggest universities from Germany are located in Cologne which creates an special vibe on the street and all over the nightlife with young and international crowd. High class bars and restaurants, but also alternative clubs for rock and independent music you´ll discover on your trips during the nightlife ..more>>





Cologne has 86 Veedel – these are our favorite ones!

castle-505878_1920Cologne has 86 Veedels which translates to Quarters in both Kolsch which is one of the oldest German dialect and Rhinelandic regiolect which is the colloquial name for the language spoken in the West of Germany. The following are examples of Cologne quarters that..more>>