The best Food

Where to eat in Cologne?

The Best Food in Cologne

If you’re an absolute foodie, wanting to check out Cologne’s hippest places, and you need the perfect restaurant for your business dinner or simply want to taste some authentic local food?

Here’s our favorite food places in Cologne:

Dicker Hund

Traditional American Food served in the premises of an old German tavern. The best: it’s just around the corner.

Max Stark

Typical Brauhaus serving traditional German food in a nice atmosphere at affordable prices.


A young couple serving homemade pasta, soups & salads. Perfect for a quick & healthy lunch around the corner.

Thai Imbiss

Budget-friendly fresh Thai food which is definitely one of the best in town. You will have your food before you know it.


Meister Gerhard

A really nice Tapas bar that serves great wine too. It’s pretty popular, so play safe and make a reservation.

El Chango

Definitely the best steak in town in authentic Argentinian ambiance without unnecessary chi-chi.


Nice Italian restaurant. If possible, you could sit outside to watch the people stroll by.

Laden Ein 

You like surprises? Check the current menu at Laden Ein, the first stationary pop-up restaurant. They serve dishes from all around the world with a change of concept, chef and crew every two weeks.

Trattoria Salento

Cozy family-led Italian place in Ehrenfeld with an open kitchen. Make sure you make a reservation.

Sushi Ninja / Fisch Hof / Zen

Are you up for sushi? You can either try one of the young and hip Sushi Ninja Restaurants, experience a more honest and authentic (to-go) atmosphere at Fisch Hof, or enjoy high class Japanese cuisine at ZEN.

Café Elefant

Feels like being in a 19th century coffee house in Paris. The perfect place to slow down and enjoy the delicious blinis and cakes.


If you are tired of big franchise coffee houses, try this spot. They produce and sell their own coffee.

Café Sehnsucht

As a member of the slow-food-movement, the owner of this café really cares about high quality organic ingredients. The breakfast is awesome but the cakes are so too. If you can’t decide, just allow yourself to order both.

Bar Schmitz

It’s hard to tell whether they sell the best ice cream in town, but they definitely offer a big variety of fancy flavors. Be prepared to wait in line for quite some time.