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Join us now! Reach your full potential, share your creative ideas, learn new concepts, and be your self.

Let’s get together and have fun through…

Please visit and stay tuned at their website for more details and events.

We, The HomeBase team would like to encourage, you, our guests to join with us. We love to connect with you, hear your voice, experiences, stories, and opinions. “Connection is at the core of happiness” – this is our aim and this is what drives us. We like interaction and involvement, by crafting the environment we thrive in, we want to empower everyone to attain a deeper level of connection towards yourself, the community & nature. Like Lifelab, we support the daydreamers and the eccentric. Our environment promotes to have a breeze of fresh air, vibrant surroundings and a positive vibe. If you can see our rooms, this portrays our aimed environment. This allows all guests to be able to relax and work with the peaceful and alluring surroundings.

Please provide us feedback with this we can provide tailor-fit service for you.

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